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I was born in England in '82. I live in New Zealand now and since I was six.
I really want to leave the country and live somewhere exotic and isolated but with internet.
I don't know where I want to relocate to.
I have travelled alot with my parents and sister and her family, but the furthest I've been by myself is Australia.

My job is administration data entry file clerk and computer programmer.
I'm currently updating my web programming skills before I put together a client list and portfolio.
Then after a year of saving I plan to be off.

I probably will be solely relying financially on my programming/web gigs and sales of my writing projects. So I don't need to look for work in the new country.

Problem is my major priority is culture - I'm really into movies, plays (watching and crewing for on a volunteer basis), comic books (discussing and shopping), conventions and food.

I love sausage, fries, dumplings, milkshakes, English pub food, Chinese, Sushi, seafood, sorbet, mousse, gelato, meringue, pavlova, chocolate, burgers, kebabs, etc.

So I'm thinking the place I live will have to be culturally English speaking.

Can anybody point me to some suggestions, give me an idea of what else I should be thinking about to decide on a destination?

I have a few ideas:
USA - LA, Vegas, Seattle, Washington DC, San Francisco (been there once), Texas

I'm not at the stage of figuring out visa and such.
I do have a British passport as well as NZ citizenship.

I don't want to live in a high crime area. Would love to live in a country or city where the cost of living is cheap. I prefer the city with skyscrapers as my ideal environment, especially if it's near water. Like a port city. I need real estate - rent to be under US$430-570/month. So a very small apartment or a house cycling distance from a pub and scooter distance from the main CBD, would be ideal.
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