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This pictures is of Snoopy, a young black lab cross found at Quinta Shopping yesterday afternoon (Monday 1/2/10). He is an uneutered 1 and half year old male. He was left all alone, has no collar or microchip, and did not know where he was.

He would run up to all the cars and people trying to find his owners. He played with all the children at Quinta shopping, is extremely child friendly and sweet. But after hours of running around and not knowing what was going to happen to him he was very tired and sad.

A nice lady was at Quinta and watched Snoopy playing with the children and begging to be taken to a new home. She fell in love with Snoopy and would have kept him if possible. As she cannot keep him but wanted to help him, she has agreed to pay for him to stay at a kennel for 2 weeks in the hopes that something else can be done for him before then.

He went to the kennel this morning, where they have him sharing a room with a small dog who is becoming his new friend. He cannot stay there for very long, and desperately needs a home.

If you can help Snoopy by fostering or adopting please contact [email protected]
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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