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Hi there

I was wondering if some kind person could give me some advice please. My partner and I have been trying to work this out ourselves and have met with a lot of conflicting information on the internet!

I live in the UK and my partner lives in the USA. We want to live together in the UK and are thinking of applying for the Fiance Visa to help us do this.

1) Is it better for my partner to apply for the fiance visa whilst still in the USA or can he come here as a visitor and apply from within the UK?

2) If we get the fiance visa, and my partner moves here on that visa, our understanding is that he cannot work here for 6 months, in which time we should get married in order to apply for a spouse visa. My partner's concern is that he needs to be able to get a work permit asap to help support family back in the usa (as well as help us with the cost of living!) If we got married within a couple of weeks of him arriving here, would we be able to apply straight away for the spouse visa, or does he have to still wait the 6 months before he can work?

3) Also, once he is here on the fiance visa, can he go back to the USA for a visit within the six months? Or is there a period of time that he cannot enter his home country for whilst all this is going on?

Any advice would be very much appreciated, websites we have been on don't really answer these questions !!!:ranger:

Kind regards

This is the only site you should be getting information from:

UK Border Agency | Fiance(e) or proposed civil partner of a British citizen or settled person

Everything you need to know is there-and is the only reliable source of official information. Many of us here have been through the various visa processes, and can give you anecdotal information, but the UKBA site is really the best place to plow through the information you need to apply for any visa.

In brief re the fiance visa:

If your fiance arrives to the UK on a visitor visa (NOT the fiance visa), he cannot switch to any other visa whilst in the UK.

This is how the fiance visa works-the finance gets the fiance visa, comes to the UK, and within six months either marries the UKC and applies for the spouse settlement visa, or goes back to the country of origin unmarried.

The link will tell you if he can travel out of the UK and then return during the six months fiance visa.

He can get a marriage visa (not sure of the correct name, again, the link will have info, but it is NOT the fiance visa, it is strictly to come over, get married, and then leave the UK), come here, marry, and then return to the US to apply for the spouse visa-which may be a better option for you as to fees.

The fiance visa is pricey. The spouse settlement is pricey. If you can avoid the pricey fiance visa, obviously you will save money that may be better applied towards meeting the financial requirements in the spouse visa. You'll have to weigh the airfares, the fees, the travel needs (for example does he need to be in the States for work or family obligations between the time he gets a fiance visa, marries, and then goes for the spouse visa) to decide which is the best way for you to go about this.

If money is no object, he can get the fiance visa. He can then come over and marry you. He does not need to leave the UK to apply for the spouse visa. Two huge fees, but if you can afford it, it does mean you don't have to be apart after the wedding.
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