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Help with my situation sil vous plait!

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Hi everyone,

I'm an Australian with a French girlfriend of one year that has recently moved back to France (Rennes).

I will be going to france in July with the intention of staying a year (or more) if possible. My question is what visa should i be applying for?

As an Australian i can apply for a working holiday visa which allows me to stay for a year.. I would definitely like to get some kind of work but my main purpose is to be with my girlfriend. Would this be acceptable to say when applying?

Or should i be applying for a long stay visa? or perhaps PAC's?

Any info is really appreciated !!
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Just to add to what Bev has said, a PACs is not a visa but a civil partnership.
If you get PACsed, you will be able to get a residency permit with working rights provided you've been PACsed for 1 year - or maybe you just have to co-habit for 1 year and also be PACsed, I'm not exactly sure. Basically a long stay visa is valid for one year, during which you don't apply for a residency permit (you just have a validated visa), but at the end of that year (of the visa's validity) and each year after you apply for a residency permit to continue to stay in the country.

As Bev said it's different with a working holiday visa because you have no choice but to leave at the end.

If I were in your position I'd probably go for the working holiday visa and get PACsed, then see where things go from there, who knows - maybe marriage might be an option?
I wish you all the best - myself I'm an Australian married to a French boy. If the whole long-distance relationship is driving you insane, I can relate. I stayed in France with him for two months, then we were apart for 5, he came over here on a working holiday visa and we got married last year.
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