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I came across a uncommon situation......

When I was filling up my online application form, a warning popped up saying I have a "unfinalised application lodged with the department" though I really haven't lodged any application recently! The warning also says I will be able to continue but the unfinalised application may need to be withdrawn by advising the department in writing.

But what can I do if I even have no idea about what it is. All I can remember is I lodged a student visa application twice nearly two years ago. I got my first student visa application rejected due to the jerk agency (They forgot to fill in my employment history and simply wrote unemployed!). I had to lodge the second time with my employment certificates and finally got it granted after longtime waiting and a series of telephone checks. Can it be the reason I received the warning though I can't see any connection between them.

Anyone can tell me what to do? I am really anxious...
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