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Dear Friends,

Finally I found a good website and I decided to move out from country.....

I have done my BE CSE in 2005 and I started to work on Nov-2005 in Telecommunication software ( Have many job openings in Aus since it is Aus product) in different vertical Bank , healthcare , telecommunication etc..

I worked in 5 companies as a Technical Consultant , I have my all relieving letter except one company. This is sad to me :(

I dont want to go with an Agent, planning to do own.

So can any expat guide me..

how can I proceed for PR?

which one is good for me 189 / 190?

How many points i will get based on my exp ( my exp 8) and age (my age: 30).

what is the first step should I do?

what i need to do for my experience letter?

Looking forward from you guys...



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Hi Rajive,

if you want to apply for a visa yourself there is no way around doing some research. The SkillSelect homepage gives a good overview of the visa options for skilled migrants. For a 189/190/489 visa you need to pass the points test based on age, English skills, work experience, education etc. Head over there to get a rough estimate if you would qualify.

Next, I'd suggest to read DIBP Booklet 6: Points Based Skilled Migration. Your missing relieving letter should not be a problem but you'll need to get new reference letters from all previous employers and have sufficient proof of your salary (payslips, tax return documents or bank statements).

But I'm getting ahead of myself: Read the information on SkillSelect and in the booklet and come back if you have further questions about the process.

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