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Hello Everyone

Hope that you are all well...
I must first thankyou all for making this site so informative and helpful, much appreciated!

I - like sooo many, are dreaming of a life in Australia.

My twin sister immigrated about a year ago, they never thought it would happen, but it did - so I have hope.

I am South African and my husband is British, we live in 'sunny and happy' England lol.
My husband spent 5 years living in beautiful SA with me, but given the unfavourable conditions of life in SA, we returned to England to start a family…
We have a gorgeous son - 19 months old.

I am desperate to move to Oz and live a life beside my sister and her big family - 4 wonderful children! My son needs to grow up with his cousins and aunty - in a sunny outdoorsy healthy lifestyle!

We can't bare the thought of a life in the UK and returning home to SA is not an option ;-(

Anyways, let me not get depressed lol… just really want to feel alive - live again.
I am respectful of the UK and what it offers, but its no life, the culture is alien to me.

My question is :

My husband has no formal qualifications, but is in senior hospitality management, and has been in this profession for over 10 years.

His occupation is mentioned a numerous times on the CSOL, so thats a start…

Would he be able to get his skills tested, how would that work?

Since the arrival of our son he has worked from home in a private capacity, nothing to do with hospitality, would you suggest he seeks employment again, would the gap count hugely against the application?

Basically just need any advice or guidance, anything would be greatly appreciated.

Thankyou for your time ;-)

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Hi Romes,

"Hospitality Management" is a broad field, so the first step is to go through the skilled occupation lists (SOL, CSOL) and identify job codes that would be a possible match. The third column of the table contains the assessing authority in charge of skills assessment. Head over to the respective homepage(s) and read the skills assessment guidelines. In many cases work experience can substitute for a formal qualification but every assessing authority has different rules and requirements.

Once you have established if your husband can get positive skills assessment for one (or more) job codes on the C/SOL the next step would be to identify visa subclasses you may qualify for. The SkillSelect page is a great starting point for that. Some visas (189/190/489) require you to pass a points test, for others you need to find a company willing to sponsor you (457, ENS).

If you have further questions, just ask. But first you need to do some research ;).

Good luck,

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Thanks Monika


I just want to thankyou very much for taking the time to reply.
Your info and advice is very much appreciated.

I have done research, its like a part-time job - so much time needed just for that!
But am aware I need to do loads more…

Thanks Monika!
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