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Hi All,

It always feels nice to get quick and precise answer from this forum again and again. I hope I won’t be let down this time as well. I have few questions regarding 457 to PR process but before forming them, let me give some background details.

Age: 28 [30 points]
IELTS: >7 in each: 8 overall [10 Points]
Expr: 4 years in India and 1.5 Year in Australia [5 + 5 = 10 Points]
Education: BE Computer [15 Points]
Total 65 Points + ACS (261311) Positive: :clap2:

Now here is list of questions.

1: As I am holding 457 visa, may I know which is the best option for me to file for PR apart from 175?

2: Will it consider as an Onshore or Offshore file?

3: After the lodgement of file from my end, if my current employer terminates my 457 visa, do I need to travel back to India immediately or I can stay here in Australia until Case Officer takes decision? [This is the worst case scenario but would be nice to have information upfront]

4: As my partner is in India, does she need to fly here if I decide to a lodge file?

5: May I know approx. time taken by Case Officer in case if I lodge a file from Australia?

6: May I know approx. time taken by Case Officer in case if I lodge a file from India?

7: How long it takes to get Indian Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from Australia?

8: Does my wife need to appear for IELTS or any other English test? Or is it mandatory for her to hold a certain degree to qualify as dependant while lodging a file?

Thank you all for your time and consideration. I will really appreciate quick answer from your side.

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