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Help on wife sponsoring child

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My wife has a job offer in Dubai – she has been told that the company will not sponsor myself (husband and our child). What is the best way around this? She is not a teacher/nurse/engineer and will not earn over 20k aed per month which I believe is how much you have to earn to sponsor husband if you don’t hold any of the jobs mentioned.

She has been given a basic income with housing allowance and medical insurance, company has advised they will pay for mine and childs flights and medical also.

Question is can my wife sponsor only my daughter? I am happy to do the visa runs monthly but don’t want to take my child whose (1years of age) on monthly runs. I will not be working for a year or so

Hope to get some help?
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A pleasant day!
Hi, I am a Filipino residing in Abu Dhabi. I want to bring my son for a residence visa here in UAE. I have read that one of the requirement is NOC from the father.
Do you have a sample for NOC, I want to bring my son to study here in UAE since my company gives a free educational assistance till 18 years of age. However, my husband will not be joining because we are on the process of nullifying our marriage. But he is willing to give an NOC. The problem is we need a sample or template for this. Thank you!
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