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I just started filling up the EOI but have questions in entering experience details. After ACS changed the format, they give their own month and year from where we have to claim the points. So my question is how we have to enter the details in EOI since the points will be calculated based on that information only.

I have experience from 2004 but ACS state that after Oct 2008 my experience is skilled. So how I have to enter 2 companies detail which is from 2004 to 2007? Now my 3rd company experience starts from 2007 to till date. But ACS considers only after 2008 so not sure how I have to enter my third company.

Also I searched many blogs and no one talked about date. EOI ask experience in DD/MM/YYYY format but ACS states after Oct 2008 which doesn’t have any date. How you guys are managing the date?

Hope I am not confusing you guys.
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