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Help me in understanding Priority Groups

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Hello all,

Sorry for the dumb question, I m applying for 176 or 175 visa, depending on the state approval getting on time. However I m not yet sure about Priority Group category I fall on. Applying for 261313 (S/W Eng , NSW and VIC or else 175). Please share me the link for getting info on Priority Groups, so that I can determine my priority group category.

I have referred following link -
Allocation Dates for General Skilled Migration Applications

but not sure about my job whether it falls in priority group 1 or not. Please help.

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If you apply through 175 .. you would fall into priority 4 category as your occupation is listed in SOL and if applied 176 (after getting sponsorship) , you would be in priority 3.

Now the estimated time for processing of visa according to the following site :-

Client Service Charter

is 18 months for Priority 4 and 24 months for priority 3 ( High risk NON ETA countries like India)

Now , everybody in the forum is going towards 176 as it seems to be approved soon, but it has to be clearly understood , that with 176 , one has a restriction on work permit.

If you are sure that , you would be getting a job in NSW or VIC and would be settling in these states... you should be going ahead with 176 or I feel 175 is the best .. though it takes time .. but worth the wait .. I guess.

Thanks so much mansin for your detailed response.
I m little confused, as you said that I shoudl apply for 176 visa as it is getting approved faster than 175. Because of your above statement colored in Pink.

As per this statement priority 3 will take 24 months and if I go for SS then I will fall under Priority 3 category, am I understanding it correctly? Please advise.
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