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First of all... greetings. This is my first post. I've been lurking around for the last few weeks but I finally decided to sign up so I can bother people with questions and hopefully answer the ones about Turkey.

A few nights ago, I was complaining about the some random stuff in Istanbul and a friend of mine asked me where I wanted to go then. Dumbly, I answered that I didn't know but I had some ideas about what kind of place I wanted to live and work in. Here's the list. Maybe you guys, living and working all over the place, can help me find it. :)

- Assuming I'll have to work, it should have a good balance for work and life. I'm sick of coming home at 8-9 PM tired and tense.

- A body of water is a plus... whether it's sea, a lake or just a river. There is a saying in Turkish "Su akar, deli bakar.", roughly translating to "The water flows and the crazy watches." and totally unrelated to the concept of this post, but I'm a bit like that. Sitting at a cafe or on a bench watching sea just calms me down. I blame the Bosphorus. :) Also things to do for the outdoorsy type would be nice.

- Hopefully not a major city, but not a small town with 500 population either. Istanbul with its 10-12 million of population is starting to get on my nerves.

- Somewhere with more houses with gardens rather than apartment buildings.

- Safe community, friendly people... the usual stuff.

- Language isn't a problem. I would actually enjoy having to learn a new language.

- And with employment oppurtunities for a mechanical/manufacturing engineer. I guess that's the hardest part.

Well... I think that's about it. So, can you help me find it? :)

PS: Sorry about the Originally from Turkey, Expat in Turkey part... I had to choose something while registering.
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