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help looking for marina heights

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good evening!!!
i am looking for 1 bedroom to rent in marina height towers.....
With reasonnable rent please!!!!
I am hopeless to find my future home...so any help would be appreciated..
Thank you!:)
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I already did!!!
But prices are so exagorated!!!
thank you ...
What price do you expect to pay for an apartment in the marina?
those are the going rates mate. hehehe, sticker shock.
yes you are right its costy to live in this area...
I expect to pay something reasonnable according to size/location/view/facilities.
I dont expect to pay more cause i ask to pay four cheques , in my country you pay monthly and dont have penalty for this!!
But i do understand someone paying one cheque asking for "some" discount, since this amount of money, if invested, could generate some profits.

Plus, it makes me crazy to see prices get 10 000 aed on annual rent in 1 or 2 days, then week later back to "normal".
Unfortunately my budget doesnt follow the whimsy moods of few agents/or whatever so called market here...

thanks for your comments and links...
Back to my research... :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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