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Dear experts and seniors,

I lodged my 189 visa for immi in March and 2 days ago received an INVITATION TO COMMENT because of adverse information received from my HR representative. Following is the specific paragraph from the letter of Invitation to comment:

"It was noted that there were discrepancies between the information provided by you and the information given by the representative of the HR department for the [organization], on each of these points. In particular, the date you provided for your commencement of employment with [organization] was different from the date provided by the HR representative. You provided information regarding the members of the small IT team, however these were different from those provided by the HR representative. Furthermore, you provided a location of the CEO which differed to the location of the CEO as provided by the HR representative."

After discussion with my HR, he mentioned that he provided the actual information which is true to my knowledge as well.

I need an expert advice about the matter. I am sure I can prove it true as the questions raised are not too technical.

Please guide me, what documents can help me to get along with it? Also, guide me whether should I withdraw the application, if you think that the chances of rejection are more than the grant?

Your time and effort to help is highly appreciated!

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