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My husband and I (from Newcastle upon Tyne) are moving to Nazare in Portugal in Oct 2013 and our little girl will be 5 years old. She's 6 in March 2014.

We think she needs to go to a Jardin de Infancia first if she joins the Portuguese education system. However another option is the International School at Marinha Grande.

Can anyone give us some advise on schools in Nazare or Sao Martinho Do Porto for her age and advice on whether this would be too much like throwing her in the deep end?

I would also appreciate any views on the standard of education at the International School and can she do her A-levels there too or would she need to go back to UK for these?

Any help greatly appreciated!

Thanks Antony and Jenny

We enrolled our 3 1/2 year old into the Portuguese system here, he's been there a year and is fluent and couldn't be happier. They Portuguese have really accepted him. I never considered an international school, and we are near the area you mention. I think the schools locally have a good reputation.
Hope that helps.
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