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Hi Just posting this on the off chance that someone can advise or help me..

I'm a female plumber and gas engineer, I run my own company at the moment as well as be a mother and everything is going pretty well.. but the only thing that's missing is the place I live... I really want to emigrate to Australia, but really don't know where to start... I have done an online assessment and I am accepted ok.. its just i don't really have a lot of money to back me up yet, as I have only been in business for a year and have had to payout for my setup.. I have also emailed company's but have never had any reply but have been told by friends that my messages go to spam.. so my next plan is to take a holiday over there to go visiting company's to see if anyone is willing to sponsor or give me more information on my move..

If there is anyone who could point me in the right direction and advise me if being a female plumber gas engineer would go down well down under????


Australian Visa Wizard - Visas & Immigration

What is the points test? - Workers - Visas & Immigration


Some light reading for you. Someone more qualified than me will pop along to give you some advice regarding skilled migration. I went the spouse route so didnt have to do that myself.

But a I think a female plumber would be great anywhere. You could set up your own 'pink' business over there that I think women would be grateful of especially those who feel vulnerable etc.

There are many companies willing to sponsor IF you can find them and IF your skills and experience are what the Government wants!

But read the bottom link carefully as the system is changing in July even for those looking for employer sponsored visas.

What visa did you propose you would go over with to try and find a sponsor? You do know you need a visa every time you enter Australia and you shouldnt be job hunting on a tourist visa as the tourist visa is for 'tourism purposes' not seeking work.
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