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Hello everyone. We are about to apply for my (very soon to be) wife's EEA family permit and wanted to double check we are in good shape for the application. First of all I want to thank all the MODs because their help to other people gave us very useful insights on the application process.

My take is that our application and approval should be quite straightforward, but wouldn't like to get our first try refused because of some formality.

I am an Italian/Argentinean national and secured and offer to start a job in London around june. They offered a relocation package covering both our tickets (one way) and temp. acommodation for our first month (we don't know the details like address). We are getting married tomorrow Tuesday and plan to submit our application online on Wednesday and likely take an appointment on the 20th of May (there is another slot on the 6th, but I think we won't have the original marriage certificate).

My understanding is that what is key in our application is:
  • Proof my EE citizenship (already have a copy of my italian passport certified by the consulate)
  • Proof of our relationship
  • Original (and certified copy?) of our wedding certificate (including a certified translation from Spanish). BTW, will they keep the original? When and how are we getting that back?)
  • Evidence that our marriage was not one of convenience (we have been dating for more than a year and we have the following)
    • Plane tickets and some hotel reservations of 4 international trips
    • E-mails and whatsapp communication since Feb 14'
    • Photos in several events (birthday, Chrismas and NYE w/ family) and trips
    • A joint bank account and an extension of my credit card
  • Proof of being able to support the trip? Is this really needed? What is the best way to provide this evidence?
    • Bank statement showing I have ~5K USD, but I haven't had it for long (<2 months)
    • Bonds (~15K GBP)
    • Proof of good income (~5K GBP/month net)
    • I have some money in a foreign bank account but cannot easily and quickly get original and signed bank statements (just cant print those online)
    • The signed offer from the company
  • Address in the UK (even though I have the offer from the company incl. the relocation package we were thinking about using a friends' address)
Other than that I believe we are covered. I alsonoticed that there are a lot of questions in the form that the MODs here are suggesting to leave Blank (e.g., the "Family and Friends" section of the form).

Am I missing anything? Do you think I am beeing to confident? Some friends of friends in a very similar situation showed us their cover letter (all their cases were approved) and they presented tons of additional information (CVs, transcripts, diplomas, a lot of payslips, property deeds), but I read in the forum the recommendation of keeping the application very lean with just the required documents. I belive we should be fine with:

  • Certified copy of my passport
  • Marriage certificate (should we add some pictures of the event and the lunch after -we are haivng >100 ppl over-)
  • Plane tickets, some e-mails and photos (how much is enough, how much is too many?)
  • My most recent bank statement
  • All the formal requirements for her (passport, photo, etc.)

I'm going to have a hard time convincing my future wife not to include:
  • The offer letter from my future employer (it says "TBC" on the start date, but already discussed by e-mail to start on the 22nd of June, hopefully flying with her
  • Our diplomas
  • Our payslips (6months) and bank statements (6 months)
How much should we stress about this? (ie. send them if we have it but still applying if we don't

Thanks a lot again for your help!

ps: would it be any issue if we started filing the form (but not submitting) before we actually got married?
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