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Hello everybody!!

I was wondering if you lot could help me with some of your experiences...

I applied for an EEA FP and I have my biometrics appointment on June 10th and I'm putting together the files and I have some doubts.

1. Should I submit photocopies of every file?

2. How should I present them? In a paper envelope? How do I separate the different categories? (like tied together with string or in clear plastic sleeve, maybe?)

3. I'm submitting credit card bills and Facebook messages that are not in english.. do I need to translate them? (Specially the bills since they are only to prove co-living and the content it's not relevant)

4. Can I highlight important info in the photocopies?


5. I have ready to submit:
15 photos (mostly family and friends - 4 of civil union with family);
16 A4 pages of mail logs, messages, etc;
joint travel tickets;
eea and non eea cover letters;
non eea passport;
non eea passport photo;
eea passport certified copy;
civil union certificate and certified translation;
First month and last month bills under same address (we celebrated a civil partnership a month ago and my intent is to show as muh proof of relationship as possible);
printed application;
appointment confirmation;

How overboard am I going?

If you can help me with your opinion it'd be great


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#1 Yes.
#2 No files, sleeves, binders etc. Just put originals in logical order and tie together with strings. Do the same with copies.
#3 Everything not in English needs translation or will not be considered.
#4 Don't. They know what they are looking for.
Documents are fine.
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