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Dear All,

I need some advice or clarification regarding ACS assessment. I am into SAP Consulting. So I will be applying to ICT Business Analyst role for PR

I have SAP Consulting experience of 3.8 years that I have acquired in South East Asia region and currently I am in Australia since Feb 2012 and I have 3 years experience in SAP Consulting within Australia. So roughly about 6.5 to 6.8 total SAP consulting experience.

I do not have a pure IT degree. However, I do have multiple SAP certifications.

So I understand that ACS might require me to write the RPL report for skills assessment.

However, my main question is, how many years of experience would ACS recognize out of my 6.8 years of experience (of which 3.8 years of experience acquired in South East Asia and 3 years of experience acquired in Australia)

I would really appreciate your thoughts and if you guys could help/guide/advice me on this?

Many thanks in advance,

Best regards,
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