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Hey all,

You have probably heard this one before but i need some advice on how i can go and live/work in south africa....

Im a 24yr old girl and not in the 'skilled' job seekers catagory. I have 7yrs administration experiance and also reception and bar work skills. My Boyfriend is south African and living there and ideally we would like to live together there. I find it impossible to get job offers whilst in the UK as they wont accept i dont have a work permit yet but i cant get a work permit without a job offer!!! nightmare. i have spent many months in SA and fallen in love with it, its just the VISA/Work permit thing that is in the way of my dream.

Has anyone been in this situation and resolved it....?? Or is in this situation and has any ideas?? im under no illusion that there will be a quick and simple solution but there must be a way....

Any advice is welcome

Thanks for your time

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