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My family and I are in the early stages of panning our move to NZ. Having lived in many other countries and being an experienced traveler Im excited at the prospects of living and working in a new land, especially one as great at New Zealand where we have visited before.

I'd welcome any and all advice from folks on this forum in respect of:

- EOI processing time and the steps thereafter (We have 135 points at this stage but may end up with slightly more)

- Work experience required and any opportunities in the IT technology/education space particularly eLearning and IT services, development and management.

- Where are the best places to live and work on North Island for young families?

- Whats a reasonable rental amount for a 3 bed, 2 bathroom house in a good area that we can start from?

- Junior/Primary school education levels and some suggested schools in the major metropolitan areas + the best time to synchronise a move for the academic school year.



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With 135 points and no job offer you have very little chance of the EOI being selected. See historical selections here :- 2015 selections and NZ Residence Programme Fact Sheets - New Zealand Immigration Service

Any work in the IT industry will be centered around Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and then Tauranga and probably in that order for opportunities.

Best place to live with kids in the NI......I'm biased as I live here, but I'd say Tauranga - The Bay Of Plenty. It's awesome.

Small 3 bed, 2 bath in a good area is exactly what we are renting. Bethlehem is probably the best suburb of Tauranga and we pay NZ $450 per week rent (you'd struggle to find anything less than this cost unless you look at a less desirable area), around $80 per quarter for water and around $175-$200 a month in electricity charges. We have no gas as there is no piped gas where we are. Some people do have gas using LPG bottles. Other charges are for refuse collection/recycling/green waste collection. For all 3 we pay around $450 a year.

Final one is a huge question. There are many really good schools in the Tauranga area. As for the best time for kids to start I'm unsure. Kids usually start on or after their 5th birthday here so with that there's kids starting school all through the year and not just at the beginning of a term. The school year runs from end Jan/beginning Feb through to mid December.
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