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Hello my name is roz. I am 20 nearly 21, I have lived in the north of england all my life but ever since i was about 14 i have wanted to move to america especially Las Vegas. Not because of the glitz and glamour of the strip it is just what i like in weather and the enviroment and i do know some friends who live there one is in the army in the special forces. The strip doesn't interest me much. I own my own house outright i have the deeds, i have no living family except an elderly aunt. I do have a partner and he does want to move to the USA he is a uk citizen like myself he is currentl;y on an apprenticeship as a mechanic. I am not a student i do have GCSE'S, but i went straight from college to work and have worked ever since I work in a government office.

Basically i want to live in america before i am 30 and how do i go about it. Is there anything i must do in order to be granted the right to work and live there. How much money would you say i need before going out there.....exchaging money for a property shouldn't cause me much trouble. How do i know if where i am working now my skills would transfer into a similar job in the USA. Where do i start, how long does it take, I am hoping to take some time off work a 5yr career gap and do an apprenticeship in something but as yet i don't know what other than something to do with animals either a vetenary nurse or i am not sure what else yet. I have a dog what would it be like moving him to america what hurdles may i come up against. I have no children so nothing to worry about there.

I would appreciate any help what so ever.
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