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Hi there, I am new here, sorry, if my questions have already been discussed, but I couldn't find the answers.

We are going to move to Australia from New Zealand. I do know that New Zealand passport holders can live and work in Australia without any visa, but we still decided to apply for 189 because of some reasons… One of the reasons that my wife doesn’t have a New Zealand passport as yet..

I have two questions:

1) After the application, when do we have to go for the health examination? I do know the immigration department will tell us when to arrange it, but how long it usually takes?

2) When the department tell us to go for the health examination, how much time do we have to take it? I am interested to take the exam as late as possible for some reasons.

3) The same question about the spouse’s IELTS. I do know she has to get 4.5 points, but there is no information about the latest possible point to do it.

If we get the invite to apply for the visa, what do we have to do to take the health exam and spouse IELTS as late as possible?

Many thanks
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