The overall healthcare system in Hong Kong is one issue that needs to be fully discussed especially for anyone who has plans of living in this Asian region. The health care system in Hong Kong is not a problem since they have hospitals with the highest standards and medical practitioners who are the best in their chosen fields of specialization.The system is a medical infrastructure consisting of a mixed medical economy between public and private hospitals.

Being one of the world’s fastest growing cities, Hong Kong is haven to shopaholics because of its thousands of shops that provide very good quality items at more affordable rates. This in turn has encouraged people from all across the globe to contemplate on staying at this scenic and fully developed city. However, the health care system of Hong Kong is one issue emigrants are most concerned about.

The health care system of Hong Kong is actually the least of the worries for anyone who is planning to stay in Hong Kong. For those emergency situations, police, doctors, and hospitals are always ready to assist. In fact, Hong Kong is similar with all other European cities, as far as the standard, is concerned. These emergency units independently run from its particular mainland.

Generally, Hong Kong health care is quite good. Private and public systems are available. For those normal day to day complaints, expatriates can seek help to their private medical practitioners and the cost of these may be fully covered by the employer-provided health plans. However, emigrants should carefully check for job packages offered in Hong Kong since health plans tremendously vary in amounts of coverage and restrictions of doctors, and some other particular concerns. For more serious concerns like child birth and surgeries, other expats make use of public hospitals, while there are still some that don’t. Again, the decision normally depends upon what is covered in a particular health plan, where to locate the best specialists (and in fact, these specialists are normally found in public teaching hospitals.

Some Factors to Consider in Hong Kong

While most emigrants are fine with seeking medical advice from local medical specialists, there are also some expats still insist on being treated carefully by westerner doctors. This is also possible but then the cost could become way too expensive. Emigrants who prefer to be treated by doctors who are westerners should be aware that they will be paying large amounts of premiums on their health care costs. In fact, most westerner doctors are likely to charge more than double, compared to a local doctor who has similar qualifications and expertise.

Emigrants should not worry much about finding the right medical specialists in Hong Kong as most of the Hong Kong Chinese doctors earned their medical degrees from top universities in the United States and some other western countries. In essence, finding a local western-trained doctor is not at all difficult.

Medical Equipment and Tools in Hong Kong

Since Hong Kong is a fast rising tourist destination, it is normal to hear westerners planning to emigrate in this booming city. Health care system is a little issue. With the many western-trained doctors at Hong Kong, along with the latest and the most state-of-the-art medical equipments, expatriates should not be concerned at all. In fact, Hong Kong is the leading manufacturer of medical equipments and supplies.

Health Care Cons of Hong Kong

Hong Kong's healthcare standards are comparable to many major European cities. Although Hong Kong has the best doctors and the most equipped hospitals with state-of-the-art medical equipment, there are some things that expatriates should be wary about. There have been some recorded incidents of over-prescriptions. Some of these prescriptions are normally for those minor colds and some other similar ailments. The local government has dealt about these issues properly by instituting “good practice” and there have been a great decline of these problems today. It has been curbed but it still exists. These are very notable among some local doctors in different housing estates that compete for patients who demand for those ‘quick fixes’ to obtain powerful drugs available. But then again, these concerns only happen if the patient relatively allows it to.

Health Insurance for Hong Kong Expatriates

Next to the United States, Hong Kong and China fall second as the highest medical costs in the World. Expatriates that live and work in this place, or are still planning to settle down, finding the right insurance company is very important. There are a lot of insurance companies in the city these days, as the number of emigrants keeps increasing all the more.

Health Care of Hong Kong Today

Tremendous strides have long been made to further improve the quality of health care in all the public hospitals in Hong Kong after the Hong Kong Hospital Authority finally took over management more than a decade ago. The levels of services today, both in availability of newer technologies and access to the best quality care can now surpass those of the highly developed countries.

Aside from providing quality equipment, medical practitioners are also trained with ‘good’ practice. With good practice, it means that they are required to have active participations in trainings as well as continuing educations, clinical audits, attendance of clinical management meetings, community care participations, and contributions to clinical research, teaching, and data.

Those who are planning to live in Hong Kong should pay a visit to their respective international health insurance advisor and ask for free quotations and professional advice. These professionals are ever ready to provide detailed advice that matches one’s international health insurance needs.

Before finally considering on emigrating in Hong Kong, take time to read and learn about the different private health policies offered in the city. With the aid of the Internet, looking for details and information regarding health insurance in Hong Kong is very convenient. Have some thorough checks on different websites that offer varied health insurance policies.