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Head of Red Sea investigations dies during an attempted carjacking

Ahram Online, Monday 21 May 2012​

The Red Sea head of investigations Alaa Abdel-Lateef was murdered along with fellow officer Yasser Sabahi early on Monday morning.
They were shot dead on the desert road the El-Robaiki highway in the 10th of Ramadan district. The two were attacked by armed assailants as they were transferring the body of deceased officer Wael El-Bahnsawy who died from a heart attack in Hurghada.
According to investigations Abdel-Lateef and Sabahi were assaulted by a group riding motorcycles who attempted to steal their car. When they tried to fight them off, the assailants fired shots, one of which landed in Abdel-Lateef’s neck killing him instantly.

I think we can say that nobodies safe and to try and stop a carjacking can be fatal.
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