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I don't have enough rep power to link the actual page to this thread, but all of you Haute-Garonne residents out there can now handle your Titre de Sejour business by going to the Prefecture's website. You can set up the appointment online, get the list of documents, and all of the paperwork as PDFs. ***NOTE*** this is for renewal only! First-time applications still have to do it the hard way.

This means no more:
1. Waiting in line for 2 hours just to get the list of documents necessary for the dossier for renewal.
2. Waiting in line for a second time for 2 hours just to schedule the appointment.
3. Being turned away by -sshole clerks at the window who illegally tell you that your French is not good enough and you need your spouse with you to make the appointment.
4. Waiting another 2 hours with your spouse this time just to schedule an appointment.

Just a little bitter that I was the last of the flock to be put through the ringer. I guess that can always change though... Oh well, happy dossier-making!
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