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Hi valued members,
I have an inquiry to make about lodgin EOI for general accountant.
I graduated in Bachelors of Business (Accounting) on November 2016.

My main question is about skill assessment. Since i dont work in an accounting profession as i have not been able to land a job in it, am i still eligible to apply?
If so, under which category (189 or 190).
Also, in the education history section, should i only list my completed degrees?
Cause, i did bachelor of Info Tech for 2 semester and withdrew from it, then enrolled in Bachelors of Business and completed the course. So, should i be listing the Bachelor of info Tech in the history as well? Since, i did not see any option to let DIBP know that i withdrew from it.

Really appreciate any help.

My stats:
PTE : LRSW 90/90/90/90 (20 points)
Degree: 15
2 years study in Australia: 5
Age: 25 Yo (30 points)
Total: 70
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