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Hi all,

My friend has applied for a student visa and got a rejection under GTE or 500.212.
He was on TR before this visa and was waiting for an invitation.

The CO mentioned that he was not satisfied with his SOP and other evidence provided.
CO has also raised a concern that he didn't utilize his time of his TR to pursue his studies.

A bit more Back ground :

His partner was refused a tourist visa as she put him as a contact in AUS and financials were not suitable for her to live in AUS and was rejected on the same grounds of GTE.

She then reapplied and got her grant, however, the guy in question here wants to go to MRT and buy some time to get his EOI selected?

I am concerned that if he goes to MRT he is potentially violating the form 80 and would have complications if when his 189 is opened as he is repeatedly trying to remain in Australia.

Need your thoughts guys, I tell him to go back and wait for EOI but he is determined to go to MRT and buy some time .

Please share your thoughts
1 - 2 of 2 Posts