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Hi All,

Can someone please shed some light on following issue:

Since I'm applying from PK - the only option is available is a Bank Draft of PKR 1,52,800/- but since i want to apply Online, I'll use my UK based Debit Card - if i use Immi.au.gov website, it says it would be GBP 1290 - which if converted at latest exchange rate is actually approx. 1,78,000/- PKR.

I'm confused on this one, how can be there a difference in fee in currencies and if someone have recently applied - if he can share the paid amount ? The difference is around 20,000 so I'm thinking to apply manually instead of online, but missing online features is a big blow. Any expert opinion would be helpful.


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I thought they only quoted AUD and not GBP on the website.

I tried to find the page where is actually said the charge but failed :(
Which page shows the charges or it is part of the application?

Don't forget that really you're converting AUD to GBP to PKR so there's bound to be a difference.


Please have a look on this one :

Currency Converter

If i select AUD 252 with below countries:

Pakistan: 152800 Pakistan Rupee
GBP: 1290 British Pound
India: 95900 Indian Rupee (Bank Draft)

But if i choose to pay by credit/debit card which is from UK but i am applying from Pakistan, I'm not sure whats going to happen - actual conversation of AUD 2525 at current rates is : Pakistani Rupee 193058.21

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