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Hi, I am a newbie here, please help me to check the documents I have before submitting to the VFS by the end of this month. I am married to my highschool sweetheart and we've dated for 6 years as boyfriend-girlfriend. Then we decided to get married last 2014. He is a british citizen. I was granted a family visit visa for 6 months (dec 2014-june 2015) because we had no choice but to wait for his payslip to cover the 18,600. So whilst waiting we had decided to apply for a tourist visa first, but let me tell you, that was our second application. We got refused at first because our documents we're not complete that time. After completion of the missing documents we reapplied then got our visa after 2days. We spent a cold holidays in UK together as a couple. Now, we are ready to apply for settlement visa.

Category A - 18,600

Appointment Confirmation
Printed VAF4A Form
Biometric Info
Cover Letter
Current and Previous Passport
TB Test Certificate
English Certificate
Prospective Flight Itinerary (Printed from the internet)
Passport Photo-2x
IHS Reference No.
Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate
Passport Biopage
Cover Letter
Appendix-2 Form
SUO7 Form

Payslip x 6 (within 28 days of online application)
Bank Statements (corresponding with payslips) x 6
Employment Contract
Employment Letter / Certificate
Overtime Slip

Tenacy Agreement (rented by his parents)
Landlord's Letter
Utility Bill/ Electrc Bill/ Water Bill
Letter from Parents

Marriage Certificate
Wedding Invite


Visa Stamps
Flight Tickets and Hotel Bookings
Pictures - 40 photos
Screenshots- Viber, Fb and Facetime
Passport Pages- Travel to the Phil

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Don't need birth certificate AND bio-page from passport... one or the other will suffice. I only submitted the bio page of my husband's passport and it was fine... they can cross check with the passport section to verify the passport details.

Don't send the letter from his parents... it's subjective and won't be considered.

Cut the photos to 10-12 maximum, forget the greeting cards... not necessary and won't normally be considered. Can you get any screen shots of emails? You don't need many, perhaps 1 or 2 every 6-8 months over the course of your relationship. Viber/FB and FaceTime are o.k., but email would be better.

Passport pages showing his travel to the Phils aren't necessary either, especially given that you have the flight tickets, photos, and Viber/FaceBook/FaceTime stuff.... the key here is to show that you and your Husband have actually met and have communicated for as long as you are claiming... photos of you together in non-UK identifiable places shows that Husband has actually left the UK to see you, making the passport pages irrelevant.

Good luck to you! :)

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Hi! May I ask for an update (result/timeframe/etc) on this application--if that's okay? I'm from the Philippines, applying for a spouse visa, too.
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