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I am currently on 457 visa till Feb-2018 and was planning to apply for extention in end of Jan-2018.

Now I got invite to apply for 190 visa. But my wife is 4 months pregnant and my wife is travelling to India in Nov for delivery in March-2018.

Also I will be travelling to India in March-2018 and and planning to come back in June-2018.

Form the info on the forum I find out that, My application will be put on hold until delivery and then I will have to complete medicals but I have below queries:

1. If I apply for 190 Visa, Will I still be able to apply for 457 extention in Jan-2018?
2. If I apply for 190 visa, I will get bridging visa but will I be able to travel outside Autralia (in March-2018) and come back into Australia (in June-2018)?
3. what needs to be done to add new born in the application?

Any advice is highly appreciated...
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