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Today I have been approved for my H1B Visa down at the US Embassy, despite worrying for month about my criminal record.

I employed an attorney (who was less than useless) and he told me to compile a shed load of paperwork which the Embassy didn't even look at. He charged me a fortune and wasn't helpful at all - I did most of the research online.

All you need is your DS-156/DS-156 two passport photos (they are quite particular about these), your I-797 form and your police record with any supporting documents (Memorandum of Conviction if it states 'No Live Trace').

They asked me a few questions about what I was doing and where I was going and that was it - approved.

My convictions were for DUI, taking without consent and driving with no insurance (all at the same time). These happened when I was 19 and a foolish young lad.


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