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Hey guys,

A while back I posted a thread about my situation, but unfortunately I haven't made enough posts to link to websites.... I'm the Canadian electrical engineer living in Germany and emigrating to Australia to be with my girlfriend.

In all my wisdom, I didn't realize how incredibly long the processing time is for a permanent residency visa. Hah.

Anyway, I'm still planning on moving to be with my Australian girlfriend in Feb 2014. She just got accepted into UQ med school, so we'll be settling in Brisbane.

-My plan B is to get the Working Holiday 417 visa, and then within the next six months (before my 6-month, one employer limit expires) either obtain sponsorship for a 186 or 457.
-Plan C is independent with a 189 or 190 subclass.
-Plan D is my girlfriend sponsoring me once we meet the requirements, but that is less for sure.

Are there any issues with this approach? Is using a working holiday visa as a gateway to permanent residency frowned upon, will I disqualify myself or cause issues upon entry into the country past customs?
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