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Getting PR to Australia!

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I have 9 years of software development, design and support experience. I am planning to get a PR for Australia.
To which type of visa should I apply?
I checked with a couple of consultants and they are charging rs.78000 for the process
Will I be able to apply on my own. If I can apply on my own how will I know the format of the documents that needs to be submitted. Is the risk of applying on my own is worth.
Pls help me on this.
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Yes you can definitely do it yourself. DIAC produce a skilled migration booklet, download and read it over & over. Post questions here and find people doing or have done the same.

Starting point should be the sticky threads at the top if the forum giving information and links for the process.
You really need to start on the immigration website and spend sometime getting familiar and understanding what you are eligible for. If you struggle with that, then I'd say go for a agent. If you find it easy, then you can start asking more specific questions on the forum.
Your question is way too vague and there is a reason why agents charge so much because the process of researching is time consuming.
Thank You for your quick reply.
Please read: SkillSelect
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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