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Getting married and applying for FLR M while on Tier 4

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Good evening

I am currently on a Tier 4 visa doing masters. My visa expires in January 2018.

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend since October 2016 and we have applied for marriage permission. Our case will not be investigated and will fall within 28 days period.

Once we get married, which is planned at the end of October, I intend to apply for FLRM.

I have a few questions and will appreciate your help.

1. Is FLR M the correct form for my case?

2. Re accommodation: My fiancee is renting and is due to renew his rental agreement in October, before we get married. We intend to ask the landlord to include my name. Is this a correct move?

3. Is the latest Council Tax, renting agreement and landlord's permission for me to stay in the house sufficient? My fiancee is renting a two bedroom apartment and is the only tenant. I suppose we don't need a house report?

3.Re relationship: As we have lived in the same town ( not together), what proof shall I provide? We have many photos and snap chat messages/call records. We also just recently flew to my country for my brother's wedding. I can include the flight information. And of course we will have the marriage certificate at the time of the application. Anything else that can be included?

Thank you.
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#1 Yes
#2 Yes
#3 That's sufficient.
#4 A good cover letter describing your relationship history.
Thank you Joppa.

I would also like to know where and how to start the application process when applying in person at the visa centre.

Where do I make the payment for NHS surcharge and application itself? At the VAC or in advance?

My Tier 4 expires at the end of January, 2018. Can I apply for FLR M any time after the marriage and before the expiry date?

Thank you.
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