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First Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all :)

So why is someone like me roaming the internet on Christmasday? Well it is not a sad story really. I celebrated Christmas with my mother and brother in England the day before yesterday. My wife is in Spain visiting and helping out her brother-in-law who is in hospital. But it is not really bad news. Jose was taken to hospital in time. He is getting treatment and should be better than he was before in a few weeks and had he not been whipped in who knows? Since forced retirement 4 months ago he needed a wake up call and hopefully it is timely. So although the planned Christmas in Jaen is on hold hopefully he will be enjoying many more. I will be there Monday and we will celebrate new year in Madrid (hope the grapes are not those big ones again!!) prior to heading to my beloved Asturias. Then in mid January back to the UK with my wife to celebrate again with my mum. More turkey!!!!!!

Anyway to my question: I want to start the process of getting involved and helping out radical but non violent spanish political groups who want to bring about social change. I was wondering if anyone here had any experience of entering either regional or national political groups in Spain as a foreigner?

While I appreciate despite my Spanish being good that I cannot get directly involved in the debates I would like to offer support to groups with policies that I believe will bring about change even if this amounted to no more than small financial support and help with IT ( as this is my area of expertise). But I also appreciate there might be resentment towards foreigners no matter how motivated and well reasoned they may be.

Has anyone as a foreigner been able to get involved? I would like to hear of any experiences or suggestions.

Well now for my turkey. Hope you enjoy yours (even if it is not turkey).

Ps Happy to discuss politics with people who agree or disagree with me but by mail as I feel we should respect this forum and its ideals.
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