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So I cannot get any clear information on getting an A1 moto license in Barcelona.

I stopped by a RAC once and they told me that it is possible to take the test in English. I cannot find any english teachers for this in Barcelona.

I am at a B2 level of Spanish and am very comfortable conversationally but it still makes me nervous to do the classes in Spanish. I feel I would get lost and its something you need to study in order to know inside and out.

Does anyone have experience getting this license in Catalunya?

AFAIK it's possible to take the written test for a full driving licence in English - but not a moto test.

Both the written & practical tests for a moto are in Spanish. With a B2 level you'll have no problem at all! I know people with very rudimentary Spanish who have passed. They didn't need much more than left, right, stop & go

The written test is multiple choice & you can practice online. Just go to the nearest driving school & they'll explain everything.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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