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So my husband and I ventured out to get our social security numbers today. After waiting for about an hour and a half, our number was called. The lady at the desk said that we needed a signature and seal from the university with whom we will sign a contract, and come back.

Or there is another way to obtain the SSN, on the internet! First we need an access code, which she would give us and then obtain the SSN at home on the internet. This makes no sense whatsoever because there is no requirement of the university (or your employer) verification using this method. Given that it is Spain, there was nothing else we could do at the office so we headed home. True enough as she said, we were able to obtain our SSNs on line.


"...you must first have an Activation Code, and, in order to obtain this code, you have to register in the system, either in person at any [email protected] registration office, or electronically using an accepted digital certificate."


1. Start here: Seguridad Social:Internet
2. Click on SEDE Electronica
3. Click on [email protected]: password management
4. After receiving a text that the process has been completed, you can activate it through the buttons: User Activation/No Certification

Follow the steps to get your SSN.

We went to an office in Barcelona which did not require booking an appointment. Check with your local office's website as some may require an appointment.

Hope this is helpful to those who are in the process of obtaining a SSN.
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