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Good afternoon everyone :)

My wife was successfully approved for a UK spouse visa in March 2017, and we are now applying for a visitor visa for my mother-in-law to visit from Peru, in December-January (for 1 month), when my wife and I are expecting our first child.

I have taken a look at several checklists and have compiled my own, is there anything missing / an unnecessary information below?

1. Forms (Mother-in-Law)

- Application Form (Printed and signed)
- Letter of appointment
- Proof of payment

2. Mother-in-law Identity / Travel Proof

- New Biometric passport (has spare page + long expiry date)
- Old passport
- National Identity Card
- 2 x colour UK sized passport photos
- Scanned photocopies of visa for USA (necessary?)

3. Letter of Application

- Letter outlining reasons why she would like to go to UK

4. Letter of Sponsorship

- Letter inviting her to stay at my parents home (our flat is not big enough)

5. Financial Proof for Sponsor

- Online Bank Statements x 6
- Confirmation from HSBC of valid statements
- Contract for my work
- Payslips x 6 [I recently changed jobs so should I provide payslips from both companies, or just my latest job?]
- A letter from my current Company on headed paper detailing my role, salary and length of employment
- A letter from my current Company confirming payslips are valid
- P60
- How am I able to proof that she has access to funds? (Unsure about this criteria)

6. Financial Proof for Mother-in-Law (I read that I must include this, either though I am sponsoring her?)

- Bank statements x 6
- A letter from bank on headed paper stating payslips are correct
- Payslips x 6
- A letter from Company on headed paper confirming payslip validity
- A letter from Company on headed paper detailing her role, salary and length of employment
- Contract for her work

7. Proof of UK Citizenship

- Photocopy of sponsors passport
- Photocopy of wife's UK national ID card
- Letter of wife's right to be here (visa acceptance letter)
- Marriage certificate

8. Proof of relationship - Mother-in-Law with Daughter (necessary?)

- Wife's birth certificate

9. Proof of return for mother-in-law

- A letter from her work detailing holiday allowance dates, and when she will go back to work
- Confirmation of hospital check-up appointment after return
- Mortgage statement for house
- Valuation certificate of house
- Savings in Pension
- Water Bill x 1
- Electricity Bill x 1
- Family tree showing relatives in home country (necessary?)

10. Flight Itinerary

- Printed unbooked flight itinerary with dates and cost (there are no direct flights from Peru to UK in December, so she will go to Spain and then England - is this ok?

11. Accommodation in UK

- Letter from parents allowing my mother-in-law to stay
- House inspection showing house is adequate size for her to visit (necessary?)
- Mortgage statement
- Council Tax bill
- Water bill x 1 (necessary?)
- Electricity bill x 1 (necessary?)
- Copies of bio-metric pages of passports of all people currently living in property

12. Other

- Tuberculosis test (required as she is from Peru)
- NHS letter stating due date of baby

Apologies for the long post, but is there anything I am missing or anything that is 100% unrequired?

Many thanks,

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