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General Strike

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Apologies if this has been mentioned already - I thought it had but can't seem to find it now:confused:

I believe a General Strike has been announced for 29th March.

Is this likely to affect public buses, like avanzabus airport schedule?
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No one will know until it's actually happening.
I'm flying to England that day.
My youngest is due to fly out (for the first time and on her own) that day, too.

I've just been reading that many airlines rescheduled last time to the day before/ day after.
Like most mis-named 'General Strikes', its effects will be patchy and not particularly restrictive of every-day activities.
In our area, during the last ineffective 'General Strike' buses ran, shops were open...the only sign of activity was a small and much ignored picket line outside Carrefour which was open and doing business as usual.
To be truly effective, such strikes have to literally paralyse the country which they never do because working people themselves are divided as to the point of such action and over half of them, including union members, carry on working.
I speak from years of experience as a Trades Union activist who on thankfully few occasions in my decades of working life felt obliged to try, often in vain to, persuade my members to down chalk ,leave the classroom and show 'solidarity' over some grievance or other.....
While it's true that most strikes aren't disastrous for every day life, it would be nice to know, as soon as possible, if BA are going to pull the plug on a sixteen hour journey, because ground staff or ATC are going to strike!
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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