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Dear moderators and all,

I am a Malaysian and my husband is a British citizen living in the UK. I am in the process of filling out the forms and compiling the documentation needed to apply for a spousal visa to join him there and I had several questions. Based on the research I have done, I'm applying for a visa to 'Join family permanently settled in the UK', which will be valid for an initial period of 33 months.

Apologies in advance for the lengthy message! I'm finding this process so frustrating and unclear so am hoping this forum will be able to help :)

1) Are the options I select for filling in the online form 'Settlement' and 'Wife'?

2) From what I understand, I will be submitting my online application and paying the application fees at that point. Then, I will be able to book my appointment online to attend the visa agent in Malaysia personally. At the appointment I will submit my physical application and give my biometric info. I may be contacted to submit more documentation or to go in for an interview, but this is uncommon. Is my understanding correct?

3) Do I need to complete a hard copy of the 'Personal Details Form (VAF4A December 2013)' in addition to the online form? I assume that I definitely have to complete a hard copy of 'Appendix 2 (VAF 4A December 2013)'?

4) In the online application form, wherever I am asked to name the issuing authority of a passport, do I put the country which issued the passport (i.e. Malaysia or the UK)? Or do I put the office which issued the passport (i.e. Kuala Lumpur or the IPS)?

5) In the online application form, for the date of planned arrival in the UK, what do I put? I plan to travel as soon as possible after my visa is (fingers crossed!) approved, but I have no idea when that will be so what would be the best date to put if I'm submitting my online application and paying on 1st August 2015? (I will be resigning from my job on 7th August 2015 and will have to serve 2 months notice)

6) In the online application form, it asks how long I intend to stay in the UK. Should I put '33 months', which is the length of the initial visa? Or 'indefinitely' as I plan to eventually settle permanently there with my husband?

7) I previously applied for and was granted a 'T1 HS Post Study Leave to Remain' residence permit. However, the online form requests for the date of application regarding any application to the Home Office to remain in the UK, and I cannot remember the date I made this application. The documentation I have only states the date the permit was issued. Should I just put the issuance date and make a note on this?

8) How do I answer 'When did your sponsor arrive in the UK' if my husband was born in the UK? Should I put his birth date?

9) There is also a question on the online application form asking 'What is your sponsor's relationship to you'? Husband is not an option so I selected 'Partner'. Is that correct?

10) And last but definitely not least, I undertook my undergraduate studies in the UK and I received my undergraduate degree from a UK university. Are there any further steps I need to fulfill the English language requirement or can I simply submit my original degree certificate?

Thank you so much!
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