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i found this on another forum! think it maybe of some interest to people on here!!

-Sub-Class 457

It appears that the 457 was scammed. Hence the Government had to change it. The recession gave the Govt. a reason to tighten the "457". The numbers of approval have declined to below 50 percent. DIAC is "full steam ahead" on Monitoring of existing visas applicants.

The best tool the Government has to refuse the sponsorship and nomination is the undefined criteria "benefit to Australia"

Since the new changes were announced on 14 th Sept 09, I do not anticipate new changes until after the elections.

It is logical that a critical skill list may be announced for 457.


Off-shore GSM has also been scammed in large numbers from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka , Dubai.

Pathway D (based on experienced) was removed.

Government TAFE institutes have been awarded contracts by DEEWR (TRA) to carry out off shore assessment for Trade Certificates (AQF III)

The off-shore GSM does not meet the labour shortage requirement in Australia because of the time lag in processing.

-VET providers are traveling overseas and issuing VET certificates (trade-Cert III)

-MODL wil be changed depending on the submission to the MODL discussion paper

Likely to see a new major policy to increase intake after the Elections.

I have suggested in my paper a "FastTrack" TR for occupations on the MODL with options into a FAST Track PR if the persn lands a job in Australia

For CSL , I have suggested a fast track PR (which is taking place)


On-shore GSM has been scammed.

AUSTRALIA requires the export income.

Universities and TAFE will be promoted overseas in the next few months instead of the "PR" courses

Automechanic, Horticulture, Community Welfare, Pre-press Printing, Hair Dressing

Student visas-TR-PR will be the pathway for the future.

Applications lodged prior to 1st Jan 2010 will wait in the queue as DIAC has to investigate all the 900 hrs employment certificates

Applications lodged from 1st Jan 2010 is likely to be processed quickly.

All students who have studied in VET Institutes that will be sanctioned once the ESOS amendment is passed, are likely to be subject to a TRADE Test irrespective when they apply for on-shore GSM i.e. prior to 1st Jan 2010 or on 1st Jan 2010


Will come into force on 1st Jan 2010

-On-shore Applicants who lodged applications from 1st Jan 2010 will come under the Job ready policy (law) and a new queue


The 23 rd Sept announcement will give DIAC breathing space to fix the "mess" on On-Shore GSM , OFF-SHORE GSM (INDIA, SRI LANKA, PAKISTAN, BANGLADESH), CSL & MODL.


A code of conduct is likely to be announced in Jan 2010

Only registered education agents will be eligible to represent students.

As we speak DIAC has cut off e-visa access to a number of Education and Migration Agents


Please explain letters will go out from OMARA to a number of Registered migration agents who have or are representing clients with Bogus 900 hrs documents.


Sec 234 and/or sec 501 is likely to be used against students who have bogus 900 hrs certificate

900 hrs

In my opinion, it will be abolished and replaced by the "job ready" policy.

QUESTION : Is TRA a legal Entity?

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im sorry but i cannot reveal the source of the information!!!

here is a newspaper article similar story!!!

they are getting tight now and cracking down!!! its ok if you enter australia legally and havent scammed! if you have faked any documents watch out!!


Indian students and Immigration: a case of too many cooks … – Crikey
Thank you for sharing this information. Yes we also have heard similar stories some time earlier back in India. Its very unfortunate but true.

Thanks Again.
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