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Looking for some info on buying furniture in Majorca?
I cannot see anywhere online (except Ikea) for buying furniture in Majorca.
I want to know, If I am aswell bringing a 7.5 ton lorry over from UK filled with furniture to completely furnish my new apartment... or is there decent furniture shops in Majorca and if so, are prices alot more than UK? I'm talking leather sofa bed, etc. etc. Nice modern stuff... I've been to Majorca many many times... but obviously when on holiday... I don't look at Furniture shops... or shops in general actually...I've heard that buying stuff in Majorca in rotten expensive?
I would be bringing out a lorry with goods in it anyways... as i can get a hot tub in UK for £5k... but I was quoted €18,500.00 in Majorca for similar hot tub!!!
I'm going to come out on a recce trip in October (My new place is 9 miles from Manacor)
I've also heard that Manacor is the furniture place of the island? I just cant see any websites... and the 1 I got from the sales girl on site , i sent them an email and not had a reply... and their website is just a header page (useless!)
I'm almost convinced on bringing everything out from UK.... but my wife would also like the European look furniture... They actually sell the apartments fully furnished , based on 2 standards (2 bedroom apartment) €22,000.00 and €15,000.00 but I can get everything on the €22k list in UK for under half that!! (They count kitchen appliances as furniture I note..)
So... even though we really like the fully furnished idea... just not the cost obviously.. i don't mind paying a premium.. but I do not like being ripped off! and I think those prices are just that! I'm thinking also... that this developer must get all their furniture locally?? maybe in Manacor?
I'm really beginning to dread buying this place! lol...

any advice?? is welcome?

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