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Our situation: My partner and I are in a long distance relationship since 1,5 years. We haven’t lived together for 12 months but we registered our relationship last week. I am currently here on a three weeks holiday until September 10th.

Our plan: The plan is that I move to NSW end of December this year. That is when I wanted to apply for a partner visa. Today we saw a migration agent and he said that we could apply for a partner visa now already instead of December. This way I might omit sitting and waiting for my bridging visa to kick in beginning of next year. He said by doing so I would apply for a partner visa, a bridging visa A and bridging visa B now already which would become active end of November this year. Then when I would come end of December I would most likely enter the country with a bridging visa B and would be able to work straight away instead of applying in December for the partner visa and be forced to wait for three months until my brdging Visa A becomes active

My Question: This “most likely enter with the bridging visa B” is not convincing enough for me. In my understanding the bridging visa A becomes active only after my tourist visa expires which is one year after it was granted or after staying three months in a row here. I told that to the agent, however he said that it up to the boarder officer at the airport to decide if I am allowed to enter the country with the still active tourist visa end of November or with the bridging visa B I would obtain by applying now. Does anyone know if this is true or not

Thanks a lot
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