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Freelance journalist/nanny/tutor visa carte de jour help

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I have just recently moved to France from the USA and have been offered two part-time positions: one as a nanny, and french tutor, and one as a freelance journalist.
Here is my situation: my mother, father, and brother all have EU French passports. My father also holds a green card, which is why I lived most of my life in the USA and was born there. I lived in France for 10 consecutive years when I was younger; I'm not sure whether that makes a difference or not.
The people that are employing me as a freelance journalist are wanting me to invoice them as a freelancer. The people who want to hire me as a nanny, are needing to declare me to taxes... Obviously, I'm assuming this means that I need to get a carte de séjour and/or visa long séjour. Or, do you think I can get my french passport if both my parents are french and I've lived there when little? I was also on my mother's french passport as a child.
Can anyone help me with this? And does anyone, by any chance, know anything about invoicing as a freelancer in France?

Thank you in advance.
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It sounds as if you may well be a French citizen already, or at least eligible to claim your French nationality. Details are here: Nationalité française : enfant dont l'un des parents est français - Service-public.fr

Assuming that you are, indeed, French you won't need either a visa or a carte de séjour. You will, however, need a carte vitale and a social security number no matter which position you choose.

To bill as a freelancer, you'll need to establish a business entity of some sort - then your bills will need to include your SIRET (which is the registration number of your business entity).
Your situation sounds tailor-made for the autoentrepreneur scheme - in theory minimum paperwork and no VAT, but you'll have to be ready to deduct around 20% of your earnings each quarter for social security purposes. This is before you file your income tax declaration.

You'll get your SIRET and eventually a Carte Vitale.

The autoentrepreneur website will give details of maximum annual income permissible in the scheme.
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