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Hello, my plan is to move to Cyprus in the next 18 months so doing my research now. All the info I've found so far on immigrating has mostly been directed to UK folks. I'm American but have been living in France 11 years. I have permanent residency (10 Year Carte which is automatically renewable permanently) in France. I do not have EU citizenship. I've read EU articles that say I can move to Cyprus with no problem but I'm assuming that means I still go through the 5 Year process since I know the UK folks seem to still have to do that. Here are my questions:

I own a home in France and it can take 1-3 years to sell homes in France and I can't leave it vacant all the time so I would probably stay 1/2 time there and half-time in Cyprus. How long can I be away from Cyprus each year before I lose my yellow slip, once I have it?

Does my EU residency give me any additional benefits than if I just directly came from America to live in Cyprus? So far, I'm not really finding any so wondering if I should continue to hang around in France another 18 months for my Carte renewal.

Secondly, as a resident of France with a very small French pension will I be eligible for the GESY system in Cyprus? I'll be 62 or 63 when I move to Cyprus. I've read that my pension would make me eligible for GESY but reading and reality can be two different things in my experience.

To meet MEU1 requirements I would need to have a rental contract, bank account in Cyprus with some savings, documentation of my American social security income, passport, divorce document???, and some medical coverage insurance??? or will my EU European Health Insurance Card work? Anything else? Thanks so much.
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