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Foster a Dog, Puppy or Cat

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If anyone just love dogs or cats, but cannot take another permanently, please please considering fostering. The shelters do the best they can but it is not a good situation. By fostering you can get a dog or cat out of the shelter, until it finds a permanent home.

Contact me [email protected] if you want more information or photos. And, if you are not looking at all, please start thinking about it, a pet will give you far more in return than you can ever give them.

Out of seven foster puppies I only have two left, it has taken three weeks. So.. if anyone is looking for a puppy I have rescue puppies available. Two small chocolate brown female puppies, 8 weeks old, who will be small to medium, and a male 5 weeks old who will be medium. They are all friendly, cuddly and healthy, fostered at the moment and urgently need homes. If you are looking for a larger dog or cat I volunteer in this area and will be happy to help.
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