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EXPATFORUM.COM TERMS OF USE AND FORUM RULES - Please read the following before posting in the forum.

Expatforum.com is an online forum for those interested in living and working in a foreign country, whether to seek answers and advice or to share their own experiences and “tips” for overseas living. The website is a service provided by Vertical Scope, Inc. (the Provider). You must be registered as a member of the forum in order to post, and by posting you agree to abide by the rules of the forum.

The forum name you select at registration should not refer to any business name or product unless you are a paid advertising member (i.e. a Premium or Vendor membership) and should not be an e-mail address or URL of any sort. Please contact ForumAdmin ([email protected]) for details of rates and terms for advertising on Expatforum.com, as well as the rules for Premium or Vendor memberships.

The password you select at registration will have to be renewed at regular intervals (currently one year, but that is subject to change as circumstances warrant). Please make sure that you are contactable via the e-mail address you registered in your profile, and change it as needed to make sure you can update your password as necessary.

Upon registration your first few posts may be held for review pending confirmation of the e-mail address you have provided as part of your registration. Upon confirmation, there will be some restrictions regarding your ability to post links, photos and to access certain member functions (private messaging, a signature line, etc.) until you have completed a minimum number of legitimate posts. During this “probation period” please do NOT make nonsense posts simply to increase your post count. Such attempts will be assumed to be spam and will be removed.

All content (i.e. anything you post) provided by forum members is understood to express the views of their respective authors only. Nothing posted on the forum should be relied upon as legal or “professional” advice and neither the forum nor Vertical Scope Inc assumes any responsibility for member posts.

By posting on Expatforum.com you grant us a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, unlimited license to use, publish or re-publish your posts in connection with Expatforum.com. You retain your copyright over the material. Once posted, you have a 15 minute window during which you can edit your own post. After this time has elapsed you may request via private message (PM) that a moderator remove or modify a post, but such requests are subject to the discretion and availability of the moderators.

Moderators are members of the forum who have volunteered to help maintain the flow of discussion and general level of civility in the forum. They are identified by a “badge” that appears under their forum name. When posting in the forum, moderators are, like any other member, expressing their own views and do not reflect those of Expatforum.com or of Vertical Scope, Inc. While the moderators generally have significant experience of living in one or more foreign countries, they are not expatriation “professionals” nor should their advice be taken as “professional” advice.

Moderators may remove or modify any post submitted for any reason, with or without explanation. Requests for posts to be removed or modified will be undertaken only at the discretion of the moderators. Forum moderators may also issue infraction points for violations of the rules or disruptive behaviour. Infraction points remain valid for a period of 3 months, after which time they expire. The accumulation of 3 active infraction points results in the offending member being banned from the forum. If you have questions regarding any moderator action, you can contact a moderator using the PM (private message) system. Moderators can reverse infractions if warranted, but they are under no obligation to do so.

More details regarding the various functions of Expatforum.com are available in the FAQs here: Expat Forum For People Moving Overseas And Living Abroad - FAQ: Board FAQ
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