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Advertising : Advertising of any sort is limited to the Marketplace and Vendor sections. Please contact [email protected] for rates and terms. Please note that the following are considered “advertising” whether or not payment is involved:
  • publicity for charities or public events
  • self-solicitation (offering of one’s own goods or services, whether spontaneously or in response to a query or discussion on the message boards}
  • “spontaneous” recommendations of third party goods or services other than in response to a direct query from a forum member
  • missing person announcements or inquiries
  • solicitation of signatures, funds or other support for organizations or causes.
Requests for subjects to participate in media events, research or similar projects should be posted in the Media Requests and Research section only. Requests posted in the discussion forums will be moved to the appropriate section or deleted.

Language : The Expatforum.com is an English language forum and all posts to the message boards should be in English. Short phrases or quotes in foreign languages are permissible if relevant to the topic under discussion and the section of the forum and should conform to “fair use” provisions of copyright law. Please remember that many of our members are not native speakers of English, so avoid the use of textspeak, unexplained abbreviations and excessive jargon to ensure a wider understanding of your posts.

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