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Disclaimer : I am not a mod/owner/admin .. This is merely personal opinion

1- Thou shalt ask nicely, and shalt get thyself the answers. Thou shalt not complain about people not answering in due time.

2- Flooding the forum with the same question in all possible threads will not get you a faster response, actually, it will piss people off

3- Search feature is your best friend. Use it. It could even save you some time and get you an answer faster

4- DIBP is smarter than you and all of us. Do not come asking how you can deceive them

5- Everyone - myself included - are/were panicking over their grant and losing patience while waiting, but it doesn't mean you post a zillion posts about where is my grant/CO/etc. when you only lodged last week. It pisses off those who have been waiting for months or even years .......

6- Google is your second best friend. Along with ACS/EA/DIBP/whatever website, asking very basic questions that you could find out yourself in a minute or two is really irritating. Ask only when you can't find an answer, or not sure it is the right answer

7- "Senior only" or "experts only" should reply ...... This is yet another impropriety ...... You want an expert opinion, feel free to look up one near you in MARA website, but expect to pay them for their services

8- Again, questions like "how can I claim experience that is - in reality - irrelevant" , or "can I sign my own letters of reference with my pen name" ....... will draw nothing but CONTEMPT. No one here advocates fraud ....

9- Research Research Research ...... Can't stress more on it

10- Do not name a new thread as "Urgent" or "Need Help" etc. It should be clear and precise and reflect the actual problem or question.

11- Use meaningful subject lines for your posts. "Question" or "Urgent" or "Question about Australian Immigration" will not really get you many responses.

12- Do NOT crash other people's threads with totally irrelevant questions. Start your own thread.

13- Thou shalt not post the same question on multiple threads. Before posting any question thou shalt check if any thread relevant to the question in mind already exists. "Search" function of the forum should be used for the same if the relevant thread doesn't appear on the first few pages of the forum.

14- Repeating the same question several times after getting an initial answer you did not like will not change the outcome or answer to your question.

15- Try and make your questions specific. Do not ask what the cost of living is like in Australia or what is the job situation. Narrow your questions down as this is a big country with a lot of diversity.

16- Questions that make us doubt your IELTS reading score (or worse, your IQ) are really irritating. Questions like "The CO asked me to do XYZ, should I do XYZ?" ..... or "The question asks if I did bla bla bla. I know I did that, should I answer yes or no" .......
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